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What if we started thinking about Rotary as more than a collection of service clubs and started thinking of ourselves as a global peacebuilding force?

Our Mission

Serve as a resource to Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts by supporting the peace work of Rotarians worldwide.

What if together we wage peace?

Just imagine, Rotarians building a world beyond war. Learn more about our organization and how you can join us as ‘We Wage Peace’.

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Latest News

112, 2016

Colombia’s Government Formally Ratifies Revised Farc Peace Deal

December 1, 2016, published in the Guardian A boycott of the vote by opponents of the deal resulted in unanimous approval by parliament. Photograph: Guillermo Legaria/AFP/Getty Images Colombia’s government has formally ratified a revised peace agreement with the Farc leftist rebel group, capping four years of negotiations, a referendum rejection,

2911, 2016


Presidential Peace Conference Georgia World Congress Center Friday-Saturday, 9-10 June | $126.50 Peace is the topic of this special two-day event. We’ll celebrate our successes as we look back at our history of making peace a priority, through our Peace Centers and our work on the underlying causes of conflict:

2111, 2016

Cypriots Give Peace a Chance

November 21, 2016, published in Incyprus Photos by Stefanos Kouratzis Peace-loving Cypriots from both sides of the divide joined together Monday evening in a call for solution to the Cyprus problem, sending a powerful message to their leaders who are having a crucial meeting in Switzerland. Members of




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