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What if we started thinking about Rotary as more than a collection of service clubs and started thinking of ourselves as a global peacebuilding force?

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Serve as a resource to Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts by supporting the peace work of Rotarians worldwide.

What if together we wage peace?

Just imagine, Rotarians building a world beyond war. Learn more about our organization and how you can join us as ‘We Wage Peace’.

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Watch Our Videos 

Help us spread the word.  It’s only 5 minutes.


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Latest News

1707, 2018

Finnish Peace Movement makes Plea for Nuclear Disarmament at Summit

By Ilkka Taipale, From Demokraatti.fi

Former MP, half a year as a activist of the international peace movement Iikka Taipale (SD), greeted the video with Russian and US presidents. According to the story, the video depicted on the balcony of the Old Student House is a salute of the Finnish Peace Movement to Trump and Putin. In his speech, Taipale tells President Trump that with his colorful speech he opened the Pandora magazine and let go of the ghost of nuclear disarmament. Watch The Speech

1007, 2018

RI Convention Fellowship leads to Rotary Moment Story

By Linda Krahn

During a Rotary Friendship Exchange in Southern India, several years ago, I experienced “My Rotary Moment.” We were travelling between Coimbatore and Tirupur when we stopped at the Sankara Eye Bank. We toured the hospital and visited the local Rotary project. Cataract surgery was being performed by 10 doctors in a large operating room with 10 patients lined up on operating tables all having their surgeries. 

1206, 2018

Tuesday Chat Series Kick-Offs 100 Days until International Day of Peace

Published in UN.org

The 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace begins on June 13, 2018. This year's theme is, "The Right to Peace - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70." The theme is also closely linked to "Sustainable Development Goal 16 "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" which calls for peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, access to justice for all and effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. In celebration, please join the June 12, DPI NGO Tuesday Chat Series "Making the International Peace Day Matter in Your City." The chat will be held from 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM (EST) in DPI NGO Resource, 801 UN Plaza, 2nd Floor. Find more information here. The event is also streamed live on Facebook here


1506, 2018

Rotary Highlights RI Toronto Fellowship Events

By Rotary Service and Engagement, Published in Rotary International Rotary offers endless opportunities to connect with others who share similar passions within your club and district. Every year, many Rotary Fellowships meet at the Rotary International Convention to reconnect with old friends a make new ones while participating in an activity or exploring a shared interest! If you are attending the 2018 Toronto Convention, be sure to visit the House of Friendship to network with these groups. Visit RAGFP in the House of Friendship booth 317. Download the Convention Events and Booth Exhibit Guide to find Rotary Fellowships that share your interests and expertise. 

202, 2018

RAGFP Presents Rotary’s Peace Vision to Palestinian Community Leaders

By Rotarian Action Group For Peace, February 2, 2018

The new year provided dynamic opportunities for Rotarian Action Group For Peace to share Rotary's vision of peace. In January, RAGFP Executive Director Reem Ghunaim conducted a whirlwind "peace tour" in her home country of Palestine. RAGFP's mission of supporting Rotarian peacebuilders was both accepted and appreciated in a part of the world that is "hungry for peace." 



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