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What if we started thinking about Rotary as more than a collection of service clubs and started thinking of ourselves as a global peacebuilding force?

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Serve as a resource to Rotarians, Rotary clubs and districts by supporting the peace work of Rotarians worldwide.

What if together we wage peace?

Just imagine, Rotarians building a world beyond war. Learn more about our organization and how you can join us as ‘We Wage Peace’.

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Watch Our Videos 

Help us spread the word.  It’s only 5 minutes.


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Latest News

1601, 2020

Rotary establishes peace center at Makerere University

January 16, 2020. Originally Published by Rotary International on January 9, 2020.

From human rights violations to the impacts of climate change, Rotary and Makerere University are offering a postgraduate certificate program to peace and development leaders who are from or who have worked in Africa to address the underlying challenges to peace in the region.

301, 2020

Wage Peace in 2020 with the RAGFP

January 3, 2020. Wage Peace in 2020 with the RAGFP. Published by the RAGFP.

It's 2020-- do you have a clear vision for Peace? January is a time to reset our resolutions, aim our sights on new goals, and motivate one-another to make the new year grand. As peacebuilders, we always want to pursue Peace in our communities, but sometimes the task seems daunting. The Rotarian Action Group for Peace is here to help you with our shared mission for Peace. To motivate your Peace resolution for the new year, here's a list of steps that you and your Rotary Club can accomplish to Wage Peace in your community with the RAGFP. 

1012, 2019

5 Ways to Celebrate Human Rights Day

By the Rotarian Action Group for Peace. December 10, 2019. 

Today is Human Rights Day, the 71st anniversary of the UN's adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UHDR). The 2019 theme for Human Rights Day is Youth Standing Up for Human Rights. We want to educate youth on the rights they were born with, empower them to raise their voices, and help them engage a wide range of audiences to promote human rights issues. To enhance an ecosystem for peace worldwide, it is essential for youth to be activated in the protection and promotion of human rights. Here are 5 ways to celebrate Human Rights Day with the RAGFP. 



2701, 2020

Tell RI Trustees to add the Environment as a Rotary Area of Focus

January 27, 2020. Tell RI Trustees to add the Environment as a Rotary Area of Focus. 

It's time to add a new Rotary Area of Focus. Help the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) tell Rotary International Trustees to add "Ensuring Environmental Sustainability" to Rotary's Six Areas of Focus. Because all life on Earth relies on the health of our environment, the RAGFP supports ESRAG's position that Rotarians cannot fully serve humanity and peace if Rotary does not also focus on the wellbeing of the planet. 

1609, 2019

My mother’s dream

September 13, 2019, By Reem Ghunaim, Published in Rotary Voices

I am a Rotary Peace Fellow from Palestine. My mother is a Palestinian refugee who fled her home with her family in 1948. My father’s entire village was displaced for two weeks in 1967. In fact, nearly half of my family are Palestinian refugees. I was born and raised in Tulkarem, home of two refugee camps that still exist from the Nakba of 1948. One camp is beside my former high school in the middle of downtown. The other is located at the Eastern entrance of my city. This refugee camp is the first thing I see every time I return home to visit my family. Read More

907, 2019

Rotary World Peace Conference 2020

July 9, 2019, Published in Rotary World Peace Conference 2020

The mission of the  World Peace Conference 2020 is to bring together experts with solutions to major issues that are occurring in our personal lives, homes, schools, businesses, and communities, not just in Southern California, but, also, around the world. We are inviting leaders from health care, academia, government, public safety, religions, business, and communities to meet together to share the solutions presented by experts. The format will allow for action plans to be developed such that real and measurable actions can be undertaken when attendees return home. In addition, the conference will showcase learnings and positive change that have occurred in the four years, since the Rotary World Peace Conference 2016.



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