Safeguarding Schools against Human Trafficking

Project Title Safeguarding schools against human trafficking Project Description The aim of this project is to address the growing concern regarding the targeting and subsequent sexual exploitation of children in the Netherlands by human traffickers, Rotary – The Hague Metropolitan is sponsoring comprehensive professional development training for the staff of five elementary/middle public schools in


Host Rotary Clubs in Colombia: 1- Bogotá Centenario, 2- Ibagué Ciudad Musical y 3- Armero Ibagué Site: Two vulnerable communities in Colombia: Soacha and Ibagué Why to work in peace projects in Colombia? The eldest guerilla in Latin America is that of Colombia. Colombian government and the guerilla are close to signing a Peace Agreement next

Centerpeace Foundation Community Project

The mission of Centerpeace is to help people live a higher quality, more peaceful life, by resolving conflict that begins within them and extends out into the world. Young adults will learn about healing that begins within the self, then extends interpersonally,  then extends to the environment and around the globe. The goal of each Centerpeace

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