304, 2019

The Rotary Positive Peace Academy

April 3rd, 2019|

March 31, 2019, By Laurie Smolenski, Published in Rotary International

The Rotary Positive Peace Academy is one of the main initiatives of the strategic partnership between Rotary and the Institute for Economics and Peace. It’s a training course to educate Rotarians on the IEP’s technical research on positive peace. The goal is to help Rotarians use these concepts to improve their peacebuilding and development work in their own communities. The content was created by the IEP, but it has been developed with Rotarians in mind. It includes stories of Rotarians’ projects so Rotarians will be able to recognize themselves and their work as they go through the academy.

204, 2019

Rotary Peace Center offers Action for Peace Livestream

April 2nd, 2019|

April 2, 2019, Published in

This year’s theme, “Action for Peace”, highlights steps that individuals and communities need to take at local and global levels to address pressing challenges around the world. It is Class 16 Rotary Peace Fellows’ call for immediate action to tackle climate change, violence, human displacement, lack of education and livelihoods, planetary health and famine.

2103, 2019

One Billion Signatures for Peace seeks worldwide infrastructures for peace

March 21st, 2019|

March 21, 2019, Published in

Our mission is to gather One Billion Signatures in support of peace and the creation of departments of peace within all governments. Each initiative -Peace Education- Films for Peace – Peace Business Certification – supports building a grassroots constituency that will help enact The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures to Support the Culture of Peace. We are empowering One Billion global citizens to create the cultural, economic, and governmental framework needed to co-create a new era of enduring peace. With the ambitious goal of uniting One Billion of us, we intend to build the tipping point of peace. This transformative force will demand substantive and lasting change for the betterment of humankind now and for all future generations.


1503, 2019

Building peace through Rotary service

March 15th, 2019|

By Soomin Kim, February 20, 2019, Published in Rotary International

Most of the members the Rotary Club of Ulsan Jayu (meaning freedom in Korean) are refugees emigrants from North Korea. Many risked their lives emigrating in pursuit of greater opportunities and are still struggling to adapt to South Korean society. Through the humanitarian service work of South Korean Rotary clubs, immigrants are healing and increasing their sense of belonging and pride as productive citizens of society. Club President Ju-Eun Seok shares her journey and the role Rotary plays in her life.

1203, 2019

A creative look at the Four-Way Test

March 12th, 2019|

By Dennis Wong, February 27, 2019, Published in Rotary International 

Imagine yourself addressing conflicts through the lenses of fellowship, empathy, accountability and trust. That is the Four-Way Test.  Imagine the power four questions and twenty-four words can have to help resolve conflicts without violence and fulfill our Rotary peace mission. The Four-Way Test is Rotary’s unique approach and process to address conflicts, solve problems and make decisions to achieve desired outcomes. It can help us be more successful in reaching mutually beneficial, sustainable and scalable solutions.

803, 2019

RAGFP Educational Mission to the Middle East

March 8th, 2019|Categories: |

The purpose of the RAGFP Education Mission is for the Rotarian Action Group for Peace board to learn about the various aspects of the conflict by respectfully listening to and learning without judgment from engaged citizens as well as leaders on both sides to hear their perspectives on the current status and the future of the peace process. 

This educational mission is set to establish a citizen diplomacy approach to conflict where people are learning from people. The group will meet Israeli and Palestinian Rotarians to hear from them about the current challenges and how RAGFP can assist them to advance understanding, goodwill and peace on the ground.

This mission is not to show an affiliation to any group or party. It is simply to identify and collaborate with peacebuilder Rotarians, Rotaractors and Rotary Peace Fellows in the region who can advance peace on the ground. 

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