1004, 2020

Rotaractors from Nicaragua upholding children’s rights amidst COVID-19 pandemic

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April 10th, 2020. Rotaractors from Nicaragua upholding children’s rights amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Originally published on the Rotary Service Blog

COVID-19 is changing our lives.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization estimates that more than one billion children are out of school or child care.  Parents and caregivers are exploring ways to work remotely or are unable to work, and may become unemployed.  For the poorest of the poor, these challenges are even worse. It is unknown how long the situation will last.  And for everyone, social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices seem to be the key to our health and safety.


2603, 2020

South Sudan: Ranked 161/163

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March 26th, 2020. South Sudan: Ranked 161/163. Written by Anis Zaman and RAGFP Staff. 

South Sudan, the youngest nation in the world, has suffered from many obstacles, including a 5-year civil war, little economic opportunity, as well as water shortages. In South Sudan, only 55% of people have access to safe drinking water. Due to increased costs of production, water providers in Juba are producing less and charging more, squeezing people’s access to safe water even further. People living in urban areas, particularly in poorer neighborhoods, have been hardest hit. They can no longer afford to buy enough safe water.

403, 2020

Syria: ranked 162/163

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March 4, 2020. Syria: ranked 162/163, By Anis Zaman and Anna DaSilva, Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Alia is a refugee from Aleppo.The last thing I remember of Syria before we left, was when my mother was taking me from our place to our grandparents. The roads were full of dead corpses,” said Alia, a 7-year-old Syrian refugee who fled her home in Aleppo to Damour, Lebennan. “I miss my home a lot. I hope one day we’ll be back and things will be just like before.” Like Alia, hundreds of thousands of Syrians tell similar stories of destruction, loss, and despair.  According to the Institute of Economics and Peace's (IEP) Global Peace Index, Syria is the second least peaceful nation in the world after Afghanistan. The 9-year Civil war has left most of the nation's residents displaced from their homes. IEP determined that Syria has the highest rates of criminality, terrorism, access to weapons, violent demonstrations, political terror, and death due to internal conflict. 


2702, 2020

Safeguarding Schools Against Human Trafficking.

February 27th, 2020|

February 26, 2020. Safeguarding Schools against Human Trafficking. Written by James Flannagan RAGFP Intern.



Estela Landeros is a Rotarian and lifelong educator who has tirelessly worked to eliminate human trafficking from schools worldwide. She partnered with Just Ask Prevention, a non-profit that educates teachers and students about the signs of human trafficking, as well as strategies to protect their communities.

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