Workshop on Peace within the Family

Project Description

Workshop: Learn how to live peacefully with oneself and the others.

Bora Bora Rotary club welcomed two guests from Fare Metua – the Parents’ shelter in Tahiti- here in December 4th and 5th. The workshop aimed at improving communication within the family through better self-awareness as well as an increased understanding of issues and ways to work them out.

Simultaneously, one of the speakers held private interviews with young couples who are facing such difficulties. Here is a list of simple ways for the couples to move forward peacefully:

  • the couple is the rock the family holds on to
  • difference is a plus
  • man and woman are two different beings but they complement each other
  • my body is my best friend
  • how can I cope physically with my body everyday
  • open oneself to oneself and to others
  • key human strengths Q&A

This information has been made to good use in the daily life the participants in how to handle their stress and their frustrations and get rid of their negative energy and jealousy among young couples.

Project creator: Mr. Ron L. SEATO
Club: Newmarket
Location: French Polynesia