Project Description

Since 2011, Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI), a Rotary cooperating organization and Strategic Partner of the Rotary Action Group for Peace, has successfully organized International Training Institutes (ITI) focused on building the capacity of women to do peacebuilding work in conflict affected regions. The first ITI, was held in two stages: Istanbul in 2013 and Belfast in 2014, and trained Middle Eastern and North African women leaders. The second ITI, held in Bucharest in 2015 and Jakarta in July 2016, trained women leaders from South East Asia. The Jakarta ITI supported by a Global Grant involving 3 Districts, 8 Clubs and RI Inter-Country Committees was highly rated in a thorough evaluation. The plan is to hold a similar ITI, supported by a Rotary Global Grant, in Bogota, Colombia March 26-April 2, 2017 for women peace builders from South America. Host Club: Bogota Capital, District 4281– International Club Latino Unidos, District 5280.

The 2017 ITI/VTT project will be funded by a Global Grant, to support the goals as delineated in the Area of Focus Policy Statement from The Rotary Foundation , are to “enable Rotarians to promote the practice of peace and conflict prevention/resolution by: 1) Training leaders…to prevent and mediate conflict; 

2) Supporting peace-building in communities and regions affected by conflict;”

AREA OF FOCUS: Peace and Conflict Resolution/Prevention

NEED: Geo Focus: South America (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru & Venezuela). Most conflicts in this region are intra-national. They are pervasive, persistent and deadly local conflicts that undermine the economic development and humanitarian work done by Rotarians. Women and children are especially victimized by these conflicts. The region has extraordinarily committed and courageous women committed to peace and conflict resolution work, but often they lack sufficient training to have any impact on these local conflicts. The specific peace skills they need will be identified by interviews and surveys of regional groups, potential trainees and other community leaders. It will also be based on the assessments made related to other Global Grants in the Region.

GOALS: Strengthen the capacity of women leaders to advance peacebuilding and conflict resolution work in conflict-impacted communities and build ties between Rotary, MBBI and local and regional conflict resolution/prevention partners.

OBJECTIVES: Hold a multinational ITI/VTT, to prepare 25 community leaders, primarily women, selected from 5 different countries in South America. Participants will receive 5 days of intensive training provided by a diverse group of world-class MBBI trainers and other peace building activities requested by the Host Club.


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