Project Description

The PLUS EUROPE Association is a network of committed citizens that works to achieve a European Civic Alliance by promoting a new model of European governance based on mutual respect between the citizen and the different levels of European governance.

PLUS EUROPE works with its network of collaborators to coordinate civic initiatives, interacting with European institutions, to enforce civic participation in European democratic governance.


European citizens & civic entities
The raison d’être of PLUS EUROPE are the citizens. Therefore, citizens are the natural partner with which we collaborate.

Chambers of Commerce & Companies
Chambers of Commerce are essential to enhance civic participation in European governance, since they are the greatest business network of committed and talented citizens. As such, PLUS EUROPE considers them central partners.

Professional Associations
The involvement of several professional associations is fundamental as well. The expertise and professionalism of their affiliates make them committed citizens, not only to their profession or skill, but also to a wider conception of shared European citizenship.

European Rotary International
Rotary International is civil organisation with the objective of advancing international understanding and peace through local clubs in many cities around the world that are united through ethical standards of service.

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