The Forum for Cities in Transition from Conflict (FCT)

Project Description

20121006-fct-2012-posterThe project facilitated through UMass, Boston focuses on “coaching cities” who overcame dividing issues in the past, working with “divided cities” to overcome their dividing problems by cooperating on programs addressing those issues which may result from political, military, cultural, religious, ethnical, etc. events and situations.

The 12 FCT cities from 11 countries in 4 continents meet at annual conferences (last year Kirkuk, Iraq, in October, this year in Kaduna, Nigeria, in September). Each conference agrees to specific outcomes which the cities undertake to overcome their internally dividing problems by addressing them internally or in cooperation with other FCT cities.

Rotary can be a value adding resource, as most FCT cities have Rotary Clubs, who, as local projects, can work with their city administration improving local situations, and as international projects, can work with other clubs on bilateral projects agreed upon.