Strengthening Women’s Capacity for Peacebuilding Through Training

Project Description

Project Title
Strengthening Women’s Capacity for Peacebuilding though training
Project Description
International Training Institute
Strengthening Women Peacebuilders:
Bogota, Colombia March 2017 and January 2018 – with video conference coaching sessions monthly for trainees with trainers

Host Club: – Bogota Capital, District 4281, International Club – Latinos Unidos, District 5280

Global Grant Title: Strengthening Women’s Capacity for Peacebuilding though training

Area of Focus: Peace and Conflict Resolution/Prevention

Geo Focus: Colombia and surrounding countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Panama)

THE NEED: Conflicts whether inter or sub-national undermine economic development and humanitarian work. Additionally, trauma affects communities especially women and children who are the most vulnerable The region has extraordinarily committed and courageous women committed to peacebuilding, asking for support in the from of skill building in order to successfully impact these local conflicts. The needed skills will be identified by interviews and surveys of NGOs, and trainees.

GOAL: Strengthen the capacity of women to advance peacebuilding In conflict impacted communities.

OBJECTIVES: Hold a Rotary VTT- International Training Institute for 30 peace-builders, to receive 2 sessions, 9 months apart, of 5-day intensive trainings provided by world-class, culturally diverse trainers from Mediators Beyond Borders International Coaching and training between sessions are included to support the sustainability outcome.

Budget: $99.000 (est.)- Please Support this Global Grant, send pledge info to Rtn

Project Description Excerpt
Hold a Rotary VTT- International Training Institute for 30 peace-builders, to receive 2 sessions, 9 months apart, of 5-day intensive trainings provided by world-class, culturally diverse trainers from Mediators Beyond Bo
Project Contact Name
Steven Goldsmith
Project Contact Email
Preferred Language
English or Spanish
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Project Location
5110 Cadison Street
Torrance, California 90503
United States
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Project Information
Project Time Frame
1 year
Rotary District
District 4281, District 5280
Club Name
Host Club Bogota Capital, International Club – Latinos Unidos,
Project Resources
Committed Club Support
District Club Amount Confirmed TRF
5280 Hawthorne $500 yes $250.0
5280 Culver City $1,000 yes $500.0
5240 Columbo Americano $1,000 yes $500.0
5280 Latinos Unidos $1,000 yes $500.0
5280 Westwood $1,500 yes $750.0
5280 Rio Hondo Vernon $500 yes $250.0
3410 Bogota Capital $100 yes $50.0
5160 Berkeley $1,000 yes $500.0
5340 La Jolla Golden
Triangle $3,000 yes $1,500.0
Sub total -Clubs $9,600 $4,800 $14,400 (less 5% service fee)
Committed District Support
5280 $20,000 yes $20,000 $40,000

Possible Pledge Districts
5300 DG Robert $5,000 Pending final amount
District to be named $2,500 Pending final amount
7070 Toronto $10,000 Pending final amount
Possible Pledge District
Total – District $17,500 $17,500 $17,500

Possible Pledge Clubs
5280 Woodland Hills $500 Potential $250.0
5280 LA Five $2,000 Potential $1,000.0

5280 Rio Hondo Vernon $500 Possible additional $250.0

Confirmed or likely $75,455
Tentative Total Budget (awaiting final quote from venue) -$97,962

To be identified -$22,507

WE ARE SEEKING TRAINEES FROM THE COUNTRIES OF Columbia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Peru
Are you a woman interested in promoting peacebuilding in your country?
Are you a man interested in promoting women as peace leaders?
Knowledge and skills empower women to build networks, mobilize communities and transform dynamics. The training and experiences provided by Mediators Beyond Borders addresses the critical needs of communities and nations impacted by conflict. Responding to the critical issues of the day, this experience empowers women to build vibrant, inclusive societies with sustainable peace and development.
• Learn side by side with dynamic peace leaders from the Andean Region
• Develop your skills in restorative practices, mediation, trauma-informed conflict resolution, leadership, and group facilitation
• Connect with organizational and political leaders
• Become inspired to be a serious change agent in your community.
• As an active actor of peace building you will enhance your skills for capacity building in your region to promote dialogue and a sustainable harmonious coexistence.

You can make the difference! Join the training
For more information contact us at

Is there a Global Grant for this project?
Mediators Beyond Borders International is the cooperating partner, providing high-quality world-class training curriculum based on the needs of the accepted applicants. They are seeking funds from foundations to support their staffing of the project (curriculum development, etc.)

Note: the project does not have a website so I put in the MBBI URL
(this has a description of the International Training Institute implemented by our cooperating partner)