Uganda: Protecting Youth from Election Violence

Project Description

Uganda will hold presidential, parliamentary and local government elections in February 2016. In the run-up to these elections (particularly in the intra-political party primaries, violence has been reported. The country that 30 years ago emerged from war that was precipitated by the Dec 1980 elections is at the brink of civil disobedience and potentially another civil war. Events in the neighboring East African countries (excluding Tanzania), have indicated that electioneering has led to violence. Election violence is mainly perpetrated by youths and yet ironically most victims are also youths. This vulnerable group of our society is used by political activists to further their political and often personal interests.


This project aims at creating awareness and providing life skills to the youths (the most vulnerable during election conflicts). Before elections, youths shall be given one day training sessions by non-partisan professionals. Areas to be covered include description of election violence, measures to mitigate effects of election violence, measures to dissuade youths from being influenced to become violent during elections, crisis management during elections. The youths will also be trained in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms given their poor access to the judicial arbitration system. The youths will also be trained in entrepreneurial skills to tool them with practical knowledge to make them job creators and business owners. The latter will fill the lack of jobs which makes the youths redundant and unable to meet their basic requirements.