Project Description

Host Rotary Clubs in Colombia: 1- Bogotá – Centenario

Site: Bogotá, Chapinero locality: San Isidro-Patios (On the way to La Calera)

Why do we want to teach pacific coexistence and to strengthen social development, through art, in Colombia? 

  • Because the country has suffered many years of armed conflict and violence. This has particularly compromised the youngsters´ life project and the harmonious coexistence with their families and communities.
  • Because spending free time in artistic activities helps to achieve the following: to work as a team, to reorganize the way of thinking and to consolidate skills for pacific coexistence and nonviolence.
  • Because art is a way of preventing and discouraging: street fights, illegal use of guns, micro-traffic of illegal drugs, and violent behavior in teenagers.


Which needs were identified by the community?

  • To reduce conflict and street fights.
  • To achieve skills for reducing violent behavior in their families.
  • To prevent teenage delinquency and to recuperate children and teenagers from law-breaking
  • To learn about microcredit and solidary banks
  • To recover self confidence and trust on others
  • Youngsters want to be recognized as Human Rights’ subjects.

. UntitledWho are the beneficiaries and our strategic allies?

  • The beneficiaries are: 1,000 adolescents and young people from 12 to 18 years old who live in a poor community in San Isidro Patios on the way to La Calera in the NE of Bogotá and 4 adjacent quarters. The indirect beneficiaries will be their families, teachers and classmates, neighbors and their close community.
  • Our strategic allies will be 1- “Fondacio”: A Christian Foundation for the World, an international NGO which has worked for more than 10 years in peace and education themes in Colombia. Together with Centenario RC and its Rotaract Club it has worked on social projects for more than 3 years, with the help of District Grants (www. fondacio.org y www. fondacio.org.co)
    2- “TAAP”: Learning Workshop for Arts and Thought Foundation, an NGO created on 2008 and specialized in art as a tool to  develop thought in children and so encourage the process of living together in peace. It has worked with more than 16,000 beneficiaries in various countries in Latin America. The workshops are based on Harvard’s Intelligence School and the foundation is Ashoka fellow ( www. fundaciontaap.com) (facebook: Fundación TAAP)

What will Rotary Clubs and their Strategic Allies do?

  • Training and education for children and youngsters through art, games and photography, by workshops for the formation of their character, done in their free time. This will permit them to change themselves into builders of peace and nonviolence.
  • To connect them with institutions where they can continue their technical training.
  • To help them to be visible in their neighborhood and close community for being people who are able to solve conflicts, with good communication and mediation.
  • The Rotarians will visit the youngsters in the project and will evaluate their progress and achievements.
  • The Rotarians will assist to experience exchange days between the vulnerable youngsters involved in the project and youngsters their same age of a Private School in Bogotá.
  • Time estimated for completion: 12 months.

Untitled.How will be the results measured?

  • Direct beneficiaries number: trained children and youngsters, tested by direct observation.
  • Number of Communities that report conflict level reduction, measured by interviews and test questions.
  • Number of children and youngsters leaders, who arouse after the training, measured by direct observation.
  • Other specific indicators proposed by TAAP are: school quitters reduction, reduction in micro traffic in illegal drugs, reduction of violent behavior in their families, reduction of restricted violent areas in their neighborhoods.

.How much does the project cost and what expenses will it cover?

US $ 33,207

The expenses covered will be: trainers with experience in arts workshops and human rights and children rights training and pacific coexistence; pedagogical materials and didactic support, for arts, games and photography; transportation for leaders for exchange experiences; and lecture halls rental.

ContactProject e-mailclubrotariobogotacentenario@gmail.com

ghc@zebraelectronica.com   (President RC 2015-16)

martha.castillosoto@gmail.com     Martha Castillo

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