Disaster Relief Action for Tripoli, Lebanon – “Appeal for Peace”

Project Description

For over a month, fighting between armed gangs in Tripoli (Lebanon) has been taking place, exacting a heavy toll on the population in the number of deaths, injuries, and the stopping businesses and schools from operating normally. These conflicts have been ongoing for more than 37 years.
Rotarians in the Northern Capital of Lebanon have sent a ‘disaster relief ‘ appeal for peace.

In view of the tragic situation prevailing in Tripoli, and given that the international NGOs have almost totally ceased their assistance and humanitarian aids to the Lebanese, as they are providing them only to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and following an initiative by the Presidents and members of the three Rotary Clubs in Tripoli, the Disaster Relief Committee of D 2452 conveyed to a meeting that was held on June 1st 2013, attended by representatives of the three clubs, along with the president of the committee.

The attendees agreed on an action plan with the following steps:

  1. An immediate contribution to the Red Cross, active in the conflict zones, for the purchase of bullet proof vests to protect the rescuers.
  2. Address the urgent needs of the population in the conflict areas of Tebbeneh and Baal Mohsen, by providing them with survival food boxes.
  3. Establish a database for the potential Rotarian blood donors from in Lebanon, with their phone contacts and identify the way to collect the blood in case the fightings resume.
  4. Establish a Facebook page to promote this humanitarian project.
  5. Open a designated bank account for project specific donations.

More details can be found here.

Important Information:

The latest statistics show that the conflict zone is the poorest and most populated in Lebanon, with a high percentage of school dropouts and illiteracy. Not more than 1% attend universities, which makes the area particularly sensitive and ready to explode at the slightest political, military or local conflict. The numbers gathered after the last census (number 16) in Tripoli are as follows:
• The number of inhabitants of Bab el tebbeneh and Baal Mohsen: 110,00
• The number of persons injured: 250
• The number of casualties: 33
• The number of habitable units destroyed: 350
• The percentage of unemployment during the fighting periods is 80% of the total population, of which 40% are permanent unemployed

Lebanon has about 600 Rotarians divided into 24 clubs. Tripoli (Lebanon) has 3 Rotary clubs, of which one of the oldest Rotary club in the country. Rotary clubs in Lebanon have been working this year in promoting a culture of peace and conflict resolution.

This project has provided donations to the Red Cross and aid to the population in need on both fronts of the conflicts to allow them to sustain themselves long enough for us to help them leave their current life of poverty beyond belief in hope of a brighter future for those families.