Centerpeace Foundation Community Project

Project Description

The mission of Centerpeace is to help people live a higher quality, more peaceful life, by resolving conflict that begins within them and extends out into the world. Young adults will learn about healing that begins within the self, then extends interpersonally,  then extends to the environment and around the globe.

The goal of each Centerpeace center is to teach young adults the nature of conflict, how it manifests, and how it affects their personal lives and their environment. Centerpeace is committed to creating a safe environment that teaches peaceful coexistence through the use of the following modalities:

  •  Education through native background, heritage, and ancestry.
  •  Effective, research-based Western educational and therapeutic models for conflict resolution, and the healing of intergenerational trauma.
  •  Traditional and Western practices for building community.
  •  Technology (please see below).
  • Technology will play a key role in the work of Centerpeace. Dr. Ellie Zarrabian will be offering weekly lectures
    using youtube, and skype to teach and communicate with young adults. Our locations around the globe will
    be linked so that people may communicate and collaborate virtually on group projects.

The Objective of Centerpeace Project is to empower young adults, by instilling in them the tools they need to:

  • Learn the skills to resolve and manage conflict.
  • Work through trauma.
  • Learn principles of nonviolence and peaceful coexistence within their communities and the
    world at large.
  • Discover and implement sustainable solutions to co-existing in harmony with each other
    and the environment.
Project Description Excerpt
Centerpeace Foundation Community Project (Centerpeace Project) is focused on empowering vulnerable communities in conflict areas around the world by developing conflict resolution programs and social service initiatives.
Project Contact Name
Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D.
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Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90024
United States
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Project Time Frame
Rotary District
Currently, the founder, Dr. Ellie Zarrabian has been using personal funds to create the project. So far, She has put forth funds to create the website, the videos and the publicity and marketing. She intends to create funding through a membership basis of $25 per month for the video lectures and skype sessions.
Aslam Turk a Rotarian member in Hyderabad, Pakistan has been volunteering his time and efforts to bring the Centerpeace Project to Hyderabad.
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