Rotary-Lead-Peace – Rotary Israel Youth and Young Adults Peace Conference

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Join us for the 2nd International Rotary Youth and Young Adults Peace Conference!

2th – 4th  April – home hospitality

4th– 9th – April 2014 –Rotary-Lead-Peace

If you are between the ages of 17-25, and are passionate about enhancing peace by promoting direct multi-cultural and multi-faith dialogue among youngsters from around the globe – this conference is for you!

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About the Conference:

Dates & Location: The five day conference will take place between the 4th – 9th of April 2014, and will host 150 young people from around the world and Israel at the “Neve Shalom Peace Village”, a picturesque village located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The conference will include:

  • Workshops, think tanks and guest lectures on the topic of multiculturalism and multi-faith.
  • Discussions and debates on shared values in different cultures and faiths.
  • ‘Peace Through Service’ projects to be developed during the conference and subsequently implemented globally in the different communities of the participants.
  • Excursions to various ethnic and religious communities in Israel and day trips around Israel.

Costs: Participation fees of €175 to be paid by participant or participant’s sponsoring organization. The fees will cover meals, sleeping accommodation and the various lectures, workshops and day trips around Israel.

Please note: 

  • This sum does not include flight costs to Israel and medical insurance   (following Rotary’s code of policies), which are to be covered by participants.
  • Participants will arrive and leave from Ben-Gurion International Airport.
  • The cost of any additional days spent at the youth village either before or after the conference, will be paid for by the participants.

Pre-conference warm Rotarian home hospitality will be provided for up to 3 days (two nights). Details on the application form below.

All proceedings and activities will be held in English.


Conference Agenda:
The six day conference will be led by experienced counsellors and will include:

  • Lectures, workshops and master classes run by leading exponents in the field of arts, music and culture, revolving round the central theme of multiculturalism and co-existence.
  • Excursions to diverse ethnic and religious communities in Israel in order to foster the spirit of inter-communal harmony and understanding. These excursions will be accompanied by experienced educational tour guides.
  • During the conference parallel “Think Tanks” will be established among the participants, leading to the development of a variety of “Lives Changing” projects and initiatives to be implemented by the participants upon their return to their home communities. Such projects could include establishing inter-communal youth and young-adult clubs; encouraging cultural encounters among different communities; volunteer projects incorporating multi-ethnic groups working towards a common goal.


Rotary: Our Vision Statement – Rotary International is an international service club whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. It is a secular organization open to all persons regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference. There are 34,282 clubs and over 1.2 million members worldwide. Rotary’s primary motto is “Service above Self”.

​The object of Rotary is twofold:
• To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.
• To advance international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of professional persons united in the ideal of service.

Rotary and World Peace – Rotary International’s motto for 2014 is ‘Engage Rotary-Change Lives’. In accordance with Rotary’s long standing tradition, this year’s motto calls for Rotarians to initiate activities aimed at engaging people in order to impact and change people’s lives worldwide. This peace conference calls upon youngsters to become involved in furthering the cause of peace, tolerance and understanding within their home communities and other communities world wide

What is Peace? Mr. Sakuji Tanaka Past President, Rotary International 2013, recently declared that “Through better understanding, we learn to respect others. With mutual respect, we live with others in peace”.

Peace is a word we constantly hear around us and might even use on a daily basis. We can define Peace by negation, i.e. the lack of war or the lack of violence and fear. Alternatively it can mean that people do not lack food, are not persecuted or that they are not experiencing extreme suffering or poverty.

But we can also define Peace by what it is or what it aspires to be.

Peace can be freedom of speech and thought. It can mean the freedom to respect beliefs other than your own, the freedom to choose the set of values by which you define yourself. Peace can mean security, guaranteeing the safety of your personal future, as well as the assurance that the future of the society you live in will be safe and stable.

Some would claim that Peace can simply mean the feeling of happiness and inner tranquility.

Whatever the definition, most people would agree that direct dialogue is essential in order to achieve peace and understanding between the nations and peoples of the world.

Why a Peace Conference? We believe it is vital to establish values of open mindedness, tolerance and acceptance in young people to ensure that the world we live in remains enlightened and democratic. Rotary International believes that young people throughout the world play a key role in ensuring a better future for us all and must join forces to put an end to conflict and further the cause of peace. Therefore Rotary Israel’s contribution to the 2014 Rotary “Engage Rotary – Change Lives ” year is to hold a Peace Conference to promote change through better understanding and direct multi-cultural and multi-faith dialogue among young people from around the globe. Youth are at the core of Rotary values. As Mr. Sakuji Tanaka Past President, Rotary International says,” We must remember that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. By helping to develop young leaders and bringing younger members into our clubs, we strengthen communities – and Rotary’s future”.

What will the Peace Conference consist of? The conference participants will be young people aged 17-25 from all parts of the world, who are passionate about the cause of peace and who are interested in becoming young ambassadors and leaders in their communities. Invitations to participate in the conference will be circulated through the international network of Rotary clubs. It should be emphasized that the conference is open to all young people, not only Rotary members. Rotarian clubs worldwide will use connections and links within their local communities to promote interest in the conference and encourage participation in it.

We would like to stress that Rotary, and the conference, have no political affiliations of any kind and the sole purpose is to promote greater understanding and better cooperation between nations.

Possible Partners:
Google Israel, The American Embassy in Israel; LEAD Foundation- The Youth Leadership Development Program, Israel, The Peres Peace Centre, Israel.

For further information on the conference visit our site at:

Yours Truly,
Shaul D’Angeli, Governor
District 2490, Israel
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שאול ד’אנג’לי, נגיד האזור- – Shaul D’Angeli, district governor

Benny Danino, PP & Conference Chair